Our Doctors

DR.Y.N.Irkal Education and Charitable Trust aims to offer Education that would address the growing demands world wide. For us education does not lie in the qualification of knowledge, but it lies in the quality of education not only means good academic results, but also the spiritual, mental and physical development that helps to form the character of competent, committed and compassionate human beings for the society is our goal. Educational each of the programmers evolves from combination of courses that provides the frame work necessary for an individual to acquire the knowledge. Values, principles and Skills necessary for the provision of health care development in to a productive member of society.

Dr.Satish Irkal ,Chief Orthopedic Surgeon ,has Graduated in M.B.B.S from BLDE Medical College ,Bijapur in 1996 and Diploma in Orthopedics from JN Medical College in 2002 March. Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Health Management from IGNOU in 2003.

Has been practicing Orthopedics in Dharwad since 2002. Presently owns a 100 beded Shreeya Multi-Specialty Hospital in Dharwad and heading the Department of Orthopedics as Chief Orthopedic Surgeon . Expertise in Pediatric Orthopedics and Trauma Care Management.

Is active in many Social Organizations .Joined Rotary in 2003 and awarded with Best President award, Is a Paul Harris Fellow. Has successfully completed many assignments taken up at Club and District level. Has keen interest in Humanitarian and Community based projects.

Government of Karnataka has appointed him as Staff Officer Medical in Home Guard Department for Dharwad District.

I Dr.Vani Irkal , Chief Anaesthesiologist in Shreeya Multi-Specialty Hospital ,Dharwad, has passed M.B.B.S from M.R.Medical College ,Gulbarga in the year 1998. Diploma in Anesthesiology from JN Medical College ,Belgaum in March 2002. Post Graduate Diploma In Hospital Health Management through IGNOU in 2003.

Has been practicing as Consulting Anesthesiologist in Dharwad city since 2002.Presently heading Anesthesia Department in Shreeya Multi-Specialty Hospital in Dharwad which is a 100 bedded Hospital. Is also Partner in Shreeya Hospital.

Attended various workshops and well trained in Regional blocks and Intensive care management . Runs a Pain Clinic in Shreeya Hospital .

Was an active Inner wheel member since 2003 and joined Rotary club of Seven Hills in 2014. Has keen interest in Humanitarian and Community based projects.

Other Doctors
Doctors Name Designation
Dr.Y.N. Irkal General Surgeon
Dr. Satish Y. Irkal Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr. Jyothiprakash.M.Sultanpuri Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr. Anil.Hanmanthgad Physician
Dr. Ram Kavalgud Physician
Dr. Shilpa Hakki Physician
Dr. Vani S. Irkal Anaesthetiologist
Dr. Rashmi Annigeri Anaesthetiologist
Dr. Santosh Chakrasali Anaesthetiologist
Dr. Mahesh.S.Patil Paediatrician
Dr. Trupti S. Torke Paediatrician
Dr. Rahul Malhotra Paediatrician
Dr. Sandeep Prabhu ENT
Dr. Raghunath Shanba ENT
Dr. Ravikumar Jadhav Urologist
Dr. Shashidhar Devraj Urologist
Dr. Kalasoor Neuro surgeon
Dr. Prakash Mahanshetty Neuro surgeon
Dr. Jyoti Hiremath Gynaecologist
Dr.  S.V.Nachikat Gynaecologist
Dr. Satish Shetty Gynaecologist