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Nursing, a profession that reminds Florence Nightingale. Nursing one of the noblest professions in the world. A art of caring with the science of health care for the sick. A most important role of all streams of medical care. The major share in serving in the health sector are those in the nursing profession. In a hospital from the general ward to the operating theater, nursing plays an vital role. This is one of the field that is almost totally dominated by women.

The Medical and health service sector requires trained professions to manage multi-specialty hospitals and medical centres. Many hospitals need well-trained and skilled professionals in general management and health care service systems.

Nursing profession covers a wide range of functions and responsibilities, as per the level of qualification and the working environment. Junior level nurses manage the bedside care of patients and at senior level they manage special group of intensive care patients etc which require specialised skills. Nursing profession also covers dispensing medication, keeping records of the patients progress, setting up and operating medical equipment, administration and several other routine chores

B.Sc. Nursing is a oriented course to become professionals and the mainstream higher study option is a postgraduate degree in nursing with different kinds of specialisations. Those who aspire to become nursing faculties can pursue their PG and doctorate degree in nursing.

Tremendous patience, responsibility and dedication is learnt in this profession. This course gives alertness of mind, team spirit, tact, compassion etc. One learns to be physically fit, as the job involves a lot of work. They gain the instinct to help and serve the patient without getting sentimentally attached. Apart from all these one enjoys having a pleasant smiling face whatever be the situation.


Bharat sevak samaj nursing assistant training programme